I used to think that the requirements for success are different in let’s say performing arts compared to management in engineering business. The business seemed to need to rely on set processes and control from the top whereas I was sure that in arts much more trust and freedom must be given to allow the performers to take risks, find the best potential in them and shine. Still, I’ve been surprised to come across so old school views on business even when the world around us has already been saying loud and clear for years that employees must be trusted, believed in and encouraged to take responsibility. Actually this can be the case even when the company strategy say all those beautiful things. Sure, things can be discussed but the views must be heard and taken into account. There are still managers who think that they have the time and reason to control how, where and when the work is done and ignore the voice of wisdom from below. Some leaders are grinning on requests for training or self development or even to the suggestion to stand up, not to mention walk, during a full day meeting. People, do stand up anyway!

People need to trust themselves in what they are doing to be successful. The company, i.e. the supervisor, need to trust them as well. The Managers and Leaders of the company have succeeded in their role when they’ve enabled the people of the company to feel that they can take risks, fail, learn and succeed. In other words, be motivated and excited about what they are doing because they feel they are trusted, important and believed in.