I just got back from my first ballet class after the long summer break. I was pretty nervous about how it would go. The teacher is a good one, strict about the rules of classical ballet and making us do all the details just right, not half-way, no matter how difficult it is. And that’s how we, her class, want it although we are ways outside of our comfort zones. We really want to learn and do it right.

I survived. And I loved it.

In coaching there is a term dancing in the moment used in many coaching models to describe an important skill of a good coach. It means an ability to be fully conscious and flexible, intuitive, in approach according to what shows up in the coaching moment. It is about the coach’s presence, or her being as a coach, as it is sometimes also described. It is also about the coach having a variety of tools and approaches that the coach can bring to the coaching sessions so that she can choose the one that is most effective in that moment. The atmosphere created for the coaching sessions is also critical.

Coaching is a great method to answer to the needs of the client. Coaching methods such as the dancing in the moment are helpful in the role of a leader or supervisor in her discussions with the teams and individuals so that she can really see where her team is in terms of its emotions, believes and goals.

In classical ballet there is not much room for coaching discussions but also there the teacher needs to be present and focused to see where the class is with its development and emotions. And the class needs to be fully present and focused to be able to repeat the movements.

One method is not an answer to all needs. Therefore I offer not just coaching but also mentoring, consulting and training. Actually you don’t need to know what the method is called. You have a need and for me the driver is to deliver a service that meets that need and brings you a solution.