I was asked by HPP attorneys office to speak about customer expectations, based on my long background as General Counsel, Executive Director and Board Director in international corporations. We got a full house of attorneys, the 70 or so,  listening to my presentation and discussing on the topic.

I raised topics and examples from real life, where I’ve personally seen an attorney making a difference or failing in meeting the expectations when delivering the service. I have been observing reporting at board rooms and CEO office and I’ve been in between the delivery ensuring that the message is fit for the purpose and the audience. The attorneys’ offices have been from various countries.

Define the Goal Together

As in any co-operation, I find the defining of goal together with the customer at the very beginning of the co-operation important. There you should hear and understand the expectations and needs of the customer and understand where they rise. What is the impact of the case to other projects and people? I have illustrated this above in the picture.

The role of the attorney is also such that it should be in balance with the customer role. The customer should be heard and supported. It is the customer who makes the decision and answers for it. The same applies also to internal lawyers and any other expert roles: you cannot work alone.

The ways of communication define the picture of you and your service to the customer. Ask questions and listen. Be present, be interested. Feel the situation.

Common Voice of the Company

Sharing your experiences and helping others in your team pays off and creates a common voice for your company.

As a partner in the audience noted, the presented ideas on best practises with the customer should be applied, and he will, also internally between the team members. And as the communication manager of the company noted, these ideas are valuable and apply as well to any business, not just attorneys’ or consultancy services. I must agree. Social interaction and co-operation, presence and being interested and having the focus on the defined goal and results work for us all, also in my services to my clients.