I have just published these web pages around the newly founded Intu Coaching and I am really excited to start its operations. You can read about the reasons and goals for founding Intu from here. Basically, I’ve seen some good leadership and management and I’ve seen some bad one. I’ve seen what happens when the need for change is ignored or is done in a big scale without hearing the interest groups such as the skilled people working for the organisation.

Right after the publishing of these pages, I read an interesting interview at Helsingin Sanomat of Tero J Kauppinen, a highly experienced business leadership consultant. It nicely resonated with what I’d just been thinking and writing on these pages. He emphasised the need by the leaders to constantly question their leadership patterns and to be interested in new ideas while keeping the focus on the big picture on corporation’s goals. The interviewer was surprised that this senior consultant with customers on Wall Street had such critical views on quarterly reporting. I am not. I’ve seen the struggle in many board rooms and executive teams to answer to the expectations of the shareholders while at the same time trying to keep the focus on goals. As Kauppinen put it: The quarterly reporting makes the leaders of the company to look at the audience, not the ball.

I also agree with Mr. Kauppinen that the purpose of a corporation by law to create value for its owners is not sufficient alone in today’s world. You do need to take into account also the people inside and outside of the corporation, the nature and much more. The company must have ethical standards and corporate responsibility in making profit.

Seeing today’s exciting new trends on how work and corporate responsibility is seen, I hope Intu Coaching can do its part in supporting the corporations and leaders to get there.

The full article is found at hs.fi and was published on 6.8.2017.